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Program of Loyal Customers

Our goal is to create long-term, mutual trust-based relationships with the clients, who evaluate the assortment, which we offer, and are regular visitors of our shopping places or restaurants. We are truly happy with the loyalty of our clients, and we work in order to satisfy the highest quality requirements

Since 2006, the program is operating in the direction of Interior and Food, encompassing all our shopping places and restaurants

  • Decorum & Gastronome (interior centre, gourmet market and seafood restaurant) mc² 68a Krasta Street, Riga;
  • Gastronome (delicacy market and a restaurant), Radisson Blu Hotel Latvia, 31 Brīvības Street, Riga
  • Architecture and construction center Reaton, 21 Viskaļu Street, Riga. .

Each member of the Program receives a personalized Dear loyalty card, which grants an opportunity to use various privileges, as well as to receive monthly special discounts of a regular client (10%-20%) on the months products of Gastronome and Decorum.

Within the framework of the program there operates a 3-level discount system, which progresses on an individual basis and which, summarizing the purchases/payments of the client, provides level-corresponding privileges and regular discounts for all the purchases/payments in our shopping places and restaurants.

Each of our regular visitors can become the participant of the program and the owner of the Dear loyalty card by filling in the application form by the administrators of the shopping places, or here.