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Facade finish can be both a functional necessity to save heat, a solution preferred by the designer or an aesthetic element.

Reaton offers

Reaton has rich experience in selection and delivery of proper materials for facade work, as well as the required proficiency in the field of construction obtained during implementation of multiple facade finish projects. Based on the experience gathered in the course of time, Reaton treats facades as separate building projects with individual requirements, specific nature and design necessities. Our experience and proficiency is confirmed by numerous completed and well known projects in Riga, such as ALFA shopping centre CINAMON cinema, PANORAMA PLAZA shopping centre, Reval Hotel Latvia, ASTRA LUX apartment house, Riga Central Railway Station ORIGO shopping centre, and many others.

We offer the following general types of façades: Ventilated, Glass and Plaster facades.

Ventilated facades is a modern solution, both for new architectural structures and also for restoration of old buildings, improving thermal and sound insulation properties of outer walls and helping fight condensation. Diversity of finishing materials allows for implementation of the bravest ideas of architects and designers. Ventilated facades have long life and do not require any special care. Installation work can be performed any time of the year and replacement of individual finish elements is possible without restoration of the whole facade.

We recommend you to entrust installation of ventilated facades to professionals, who will ensure a life time of the facade over 30 years. Find out more about ventilated facades here.

Glass. Facade glass finish is a solution that will make the building look more modern. To obtain outstanding performance and esthetical look, we recommend to combine ventilated facade elements with glass. We offer a variety of glass tones and shapes, making this finishing material a value per se and a solution commonly chosen by designers and architects.

Facade glass can be painted with special paint glass enamel allowing designers and architects to preserve the common style of the facade, even if non-transparent glass is used in the ceiling area. Find out more about our projects here.

Plaster is considered one of the cheapest and most traditional facade finish materials. It is used in construction, as well as in building restoration work. In addition to the decorative function, facade plaster also has a protective function, by forming a layer, resistant to atmospheric pressure, UV radiation and mechanical damage. Facade plaster improves facade wall heat insulation and offers wide opportunities in terms of texture and colour. We offer energy efficiency improvement work. Find out more about plaster here.

Please visit Reaton architecture and construction centre to obtain professional advice of our qualified experts (Trading places and contacts).