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Reaton grocery warehouse store

Reaton grocery warehouse store is a cash&carry type store, where the goods may acquire both corporates and individuals. Among the wide range of goods you will find products that are sold in retail stores, some delicacies from the "Gastronome" gourmet market, as well as products manufactured in the Reaton production and processing workshop.

Our product range includes frozen fish and other seafood, such as North Atlantic prawns, tiger prawns, mussels, etc. A wide selection of Spanish and Italian meat, various types of pasta and olive oils, cheeses, yogurts, etc. are offered.

When making prior reservations, it is also possible to buy fresh foods such as meat, fish and other seafood.

In the Reaton grocery warehouse store products with discounts are available regularly.

Address: Ciekurkalna 2.linija 74, Riga, at the territory of Reaton company

Working hours:

Mon.-Fri.: 9.00 - 18.00

Sat.: 10.00 - 14.00

Sun.: Closed.