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Products catalogue

Fish and fish gourmet products

The range includes salmon, cod, tuna fish varieties and fresh water fish, as well as caviar, semi finished products and sushi. Fresh products are delivered twice a week from fresh markets in Europe.


An enormous choice of sea gourmet food, including mussels, oysters, crayfish and lobsters, exotic food from Thailand and Korea, and the best North Atlantic cold water seafood, whose list is topped by the famous deep-sea prawn Pandalus borealis.

Cheeses and dairy products

The freshest and natural dairy products from France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Denmark, Latvia, and Estonia, and including a wide variety of Italian cheeses.

Meat products and semi products

Meat and meat products including game exotic meat, lamb from Australia and New Zealand, meat gourmet products and meat charcutery products from Spain, Italy, Belgium and France.

Berries, fruits and vegetables

Frozen and canned vegetables, berries, fruits and mushrooms from Belgium, France, Italy, Lithuania and Russia. Traditional antipasta and olives from Italy and Greece.


The best in Europe jams, chocolate, truffles, dragees and other sweets and desserts from Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and Scotland.

Flour products and semi products

Dough, biscuits, flour, muffins, pasta and flour products from Italy, France, Belgium and Scotland.

Breads and semi products

A wide choice of frozen bake-off products, pizza and frozen cakes from Italy, France and Latvia.


The best choice in Latvia of sauces, seasonings, vegetable oils (including premium olive oil from Italy), as well as rice, cereals, broths, soups, vinegars and other products from Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, USA, Great Britain and Latvia.

Soft beverages

Premier varieties of tea, coffee, mineral water and juices supplied from Italy, Germany and Latvia.