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Gastronome gourmet stores

Gastronome gourmet market ( offers the customers a wide selection of fresh quality food products from all over the world: about 4,500 items from more than 25 countries.

The sales process is organized according to the market concept. There is no self-service. The sales assistant standing behind the counter can tell the customer about any product and organise its tasting and give recommendations on its preparation and serving. There are practically no products in factory packaging in Gastronome. Customers can try everything on sale on the spot. For this purpose some counters are equipped with bars and there is a café and a restaurant next to the food departments.

In Gastronome you can also buy pastries, antipasti, pickles, and main courses prepared by chefs from our restaurant

The first Gastronome gourmet market opened in 2002 in the mc² interior and delicatessen centre in Krasta Street, 68à. The store was quick to win popularity with connoisseurs of food and acquire loyal clients.

Gastronome in mc²

Riga, Krasta Street, 68à
Phone: (+371) 67019619, (+371) 26593639

Opening hours

Mon.-Sat. 10.30 - 20.00
Sun.: 10.30 - 17.00