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Reaton oysters delights the Horeca professionals in Sauce Forum in Estonia

This Monday, September 11th, in Tartu, Estonian National Museum was held a conference for the Horeca professionals Sauce forum.

Reaton has been the general sponsor of the conference for the second year and supports the education and inspiration of chefs, restorers and Horeca professionals, contributing to the overall growth of the industry in the Baltic States.

The Sauces forum takes place already for the third year, in the past two years it was organized in Tallinn, this year at the new Estonian National Museum in Tartu. The main theme of the conference "The Next Food: How to present the future". The conference was attended by more than ten international professional lecturers from countries such as Iceland, Great Britain, Georgia, USA, Russia and other countries. Reaton supported the first block of the conference: Food and ingredients in which lecturers and discussion participants spoke about food and its ingredients - convergence of contemporary and traditional values and new formation.

After the conference, Reaton invited every member of the conference to taste the special oyster of L'Ostra Regal from the Boutrais family . This is a French family that has moved authentic French oyster farming techniques into the wild coastlines of Ireland. L'Ostra Regal oysters are premium oysters grown for four years. Oyster tasting was prezented by Reaton restaurant Gastronome hall manager and oyster apprehender Reinis Rims. He introduced the oyster enjoyers with the types of oysters, their opening techniques and the special L'Ostra Regal oysters legend.