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Reaton trademark RSeafood is registered with the Latvian patent authority. Products sold under this trademark are manufactured in Latvia Reaton production department. Raw materials are supplied from all over the world, sorted and packaged at Reaton in certified packages of 200g or 400g.

RSeafood - "Seafood to enjoy"

Products are sold not only in the domestic market, but also in Lithuania and Estonia. Wide representation of our products is found in Maxima stores. RSeafood trademark offers such products as mollusc meat, peeled or raw tiger prawns, as well as several kinds of sea food cocktails. All products are frozen and stored at temperature of -18 ºC.

Among new products to be mentioned are the tuna steak and squid fillet, whereas the recipe enclosed to Mollusc meat, size XL package was created in cooperation with a popular local products and cuisine portal