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and delicatessen

The Reaton department of food and delicatessen began the operation in 1993. This division has been developing the most dynamically of all the company’s activities. For over 10 years Reaton has been occupying the leading position in the Latvian market of high quality foods. Since 2000 the company has been also active in the overseas market providing package delivery of products to supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and cafes in Lithuania and Estonia.

The main activities of the department include:

  • High quality food and gourmet products' import and distribution.
  • Wholesale food for the restaurants and retailers.
  • Food products manufacturing and packaging.
  • Logistics services - food storage and delivery.
  • Retail trade in high quality food and gourmet products - Gastronome.
  • Gastronome restaurants and banquet services.

The range of Reaton food products includes over 2,400 food and delicatessen items

Our suppliers include leading manufacturers from 25 countries all over the world. We have our own production facilities and products under own brand the Reaton Excellent. We have meat and fish carving equipment at our disposal, as well as vacuum packaging equipment.

We have our own storage facilities and a park of refrigerator’s trucks for delivery of orders throughout the Baltic region

We are committed to developing and maintaining long-term partnerships with our customers, offering them optimum delivery terms, complex services and high service standards. One of the department’s essential goals is to develop the market culture for high quality foods through professional consulting and organisation of training events for specialists.